What is included in our regular general cleaning service in Bahrain?

All homes are very different and unique on their own features. If there is something that you would like cleaned that is not on this list, we can create a cleaning schedule that is tailored to meet your needs.

General Cleaning Services

Did you know that a clean and healthy office environment leads to improved morale in the workplace? If you did not know this, do you now think your office could use a janitorial service? If your answer is yes and you live anywhere in Bahrain, look no further than Magic Shine Cleaning Services for any and all of your commercial cleaning needs!

At General Cleaning, communication is our first priority. We will communicate with you to get your house clean…just as if you did it yourself. Our staff is trained on each job, for each job. They will deliver the highest level of service possible to get your house as clean as you need it to be.

We supply all necessary supplies (rags, mops, products and vacuums) and equipment to clean your home. We use only name-brand cleaning products that you are familiar with. No unwanted odors or harsh residues are left behind. If there is anything special that you need us to use, we’d be happy to accommodate.

We high and low dust every room including, table tops, pictures and knick-knacks. We dust mop all wood floors and even damp mop when asked. We give a thorough cleaning to all bathrooms, kitchens and glass surfaces. Lastly, a vacuum of all floors and carpets is done to assure cleanliness.

Our services can be tailored to fit your needs, so whether you need weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service..just let us know. We offer “move-in” or “move-out” cleaning services as well. At General Cleaning, we can clean your entire house, or clean select areas of your home.

Enjoy a house all year round with our regular general cleaning service Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a clean house?

Service We Provide On General Cleaning

The dust & cobwebs removed, the kitchen cleaned, the floors vacuumed & moped and those hard to reach spots behind the toilet being scrubbed. House cleaning on a regular basis maintains the value of your home in a good standard for healthy living.

The first time we clean your home we do a “MAGIC SHINE CLEANING”, this is very important, because we clean your home from top to bottom.

After the total cleaning it is much easier to keep it up. We do a rotation each time we come in, so that nothing will get out of control again. After the first initial cleaning we will follow our cleaning routine list.

  • One off/Regular General Cleaning
  • Spring Clean
  • Pre & Post Party Cleaning
  • Oven & Barbeque Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • House Cleaning


All areas dusted on top and the sides of furniture.Mirrors washed, cleaned and dried.Window sills wiped.Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates.Vacuum under the bed if it is accessible.Trash collected and emptied.Lampshades dusted and bases cleaned.Carpets vacuumed.Overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy.


Benchtops and splashbacks cleaned.All appliances on the front washed.Microwave cleaned on the outside and inside.Trash collected and emptied.Sinks & faucets scrubbed and cleaned.Cupboard doors & shelves wiped.Oven, Rangehood and stove wipedSills wiped down.Floor vacuumed and moped.Overall appearance neat and tidy.


Tub thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and left sparkling.Drain of tub cleanedFloor cleaned.Sinks, Faucets and benchtops scrubbed and wiped down.Toilets scrubbed in basin and around base and behind.Shower walls washed and screen & Door cleaned and wiped sparkle.Light fixtures and Mirrors cleaned.Sills wiped down.Trash collected and emptied.Mopping the floor.


Skirting boards wiped down.Fingerprints washed from woodwork, door frames and switch plates.Picture frames dusted.Vacuum and /or mop the floor.Sills wiped down.Picture frames dusted.Sills wiped down.Cobwebs removed.Hardwood and tile floors mopped and cleaned.Lamp shades dusted and cleaned.Glass tables and switch plates cleaned.Carpets vacuumed.Overall appearance of room left neat and tidy.Other items by special request:Inside of oven or fridge Windows Wall washing or wall spot cleaning any other special requests.